How voice assistants make our work processes easier

Natural interaction with speech not only makes life easier and more convenient, but can also be revenue-, cost- and time-saving in the corporate world. Meanwhile, some companies are using voice assistance systems and benefiting from the potential of voice-controlled technology. Voice assistance systems accelerate and simplify work processes and create a thoroughly better communication with the customer, as voice assistants are easy to use and can also be used on any laptop, tablet and smartphone. Another relevant benefit applies to the satisfaction of employees, as annoying work steps and interruptions are reduced and they can better concentrate on other tasks.
Voice assistants can be used in many industries, such as medical and nursing professions, industry or sales, to name just a few use cases.

With our self-developed modular voice system KIDOU, which includes a variety of AI components for speech and text processing, KIDOU can transcribe what is spoken in seconds and transfer it to the customer’s backend system (speech-to-text) or vice versa (text-to-speech), so that no further manual steps are required.

State-of-the-art AI Voice technologies allow speech input to be recognized reliably and technically correctly, despite disturbing noise and background levels.


Voice is the fastest and most natural form of communication. The employee and/or customer can use a voice assistant to record protocols, reports or results “hands-free” by voice. Thus, work processes are accelerated, simplified and high time and cost efforts are reduced.
For you we have tested our assistants and published videos / tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Fara Sendjaja, Marketingmanagerin

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