Software-Defined Manufacturing for the automotive and supplier industry


SDM4FZI – A research project for maximum transformability in industry

The research project Software-Defined Manufacturing for the automotive and supplier industry (SDM4FZI) pursues the goal of making the automotive and supplier industry more versatile and adaptable. Our contribution to the SDM4FZI project is to realize the manual control of the hardware of the production facilities via voice-controlled software solution. By integrating a voice-controlled system, such as a voice assistant, workflows become simpler, more natural, more adaptable and more efficient.

In the project, KENBUN IT AG researches and develops speech assistants for industrial applications, in particular robust speech recognition in environments with background noise. Furthermore, KENBUN deals with automation in the development and operation of AI-based applications and AI applications for a changeable production.

An exciting project with a view to the future

The research project “SDM4FZI” is funded within the funding program “Future Investments in the Automotive Industry” of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection BMWK).



Fara Schneider , Marketingmanagerin
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