The large and child-friendly AI Festival 2022 will take place from the 15th to 17th of July 2022 in Heilbronn/Wohlgelegen.

People from universities, well-known IT companies, experts from AI, creative agencies all who don’t want to miss this event will meet there. Everyone is warmly invited. Admission is free of charge.

Lots of exhibitors will present a concentrated AI energy and will be available for questions & answers. What is AI anyway? What can you do with AI? What does the future of work look like? All these questions and more will be answered by the experts over there.

The wide-ranging program, consisting of expert lectures, live bands and DJ’s, will ensure an unforgettable weekend. There will be plenty of space to relax and network in the food area.

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In the private environment, voice assistants have now arrived and are now used frequently and with pleasure. More and more companies from industry, medicine or management are also on their way to digital transformation.

As experts for Artificial Intelligence and Speech Systems, our focus is on natural language assistants. We are convinced that speech makes work processes faster, easier and less complicated.

At the AI Festival, we will develop an AI solution in the HR area with speech recognition together with a very large industry partner and we show you how a specific STT system (speech-to-text-system) can be built easily and quickly.

We show and explain the complete AI training cycle at the festival.

A big difference to conventional speech assistants is that KIDOU can reliably recognize technical terms and dialects.

The speech model must be able to learn, recognize and process especially special technical terms and numbers in the training process, such as 911s.
For this purpose we use speech tool “Enhance”. The Tool, improves speech input in seconds and recognizes the spoken even when there are noise and background sounds.

You can find out for yourself at the AI Festival how exactly this works and how quickly a business speech model provides feedback.

You are also welcome to make your own contribution by recording speech samples with “Enhance” (in dialect if you like).

On site, we will present various Use Cases which our partner would like to make available to its employees in an employee speech app:

Reserving/booking a company car for a business trip (here in particular specific models, such as 911s, Taycan…).
Reporting an error message of an IT system to the helpdesk
Directions on the site to specific buildings (especially helpful for new employees in onboarding)
Request access to an IT system from the IT department
Questions such as when a certain dish will be available in the canteen again (in particular, dialect pronunciation of dishes should be implemented here, e.g. Zwieblrschtbrodn mid Käsüäzln

For more information, the experts will be available for you personally in tent 19.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Let’s shape the voice-controlled future together!


Fara Sendjaja, Marketingmanagerin
KIDOU Sprach Tools