KENBUN at the AFCEA Exhibition 2023 – WCCB

The AFCEA Trade Exhibition took place on 10th and 11th of May 2023 at the World Conference Center (WCCB) in Bonn and it was a very interesting exhibition for the visitors and exhibitors, including us. As a Co-exhibitor at the Startup Area on the Rhine Plain, we had the opportunity to present our innovative voice-driven solutions to a wide audience and make new contacts for two days.

Many thanks to PwC Germany, Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub and Govmarket for the great organization and cooperation.

In addition to the numerous exhibitors from different areas of security and communication technology, there were also interesting presentations and discussion sessions by industry experts. Visitors were able to discover innovative technologies and solutions that help to increase efficiency, optimize security, and improve communication. From Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence to Data Analytics and Cloud Computing, the show provided a comprehensive overview of the latest developments and trends in the industry. There was thus ample opportunity to exchange ideas with other professionals, experts and potential business partners, to establish contacts and to discuss possible collaborations.

Georg Miller’s 5-minute Pitch was very informative. His presentation was very well received by the trade fair visitors and other exhibitors. With passion and expertise, he explained the benefits of our AI speech solutions and showed how they can help companies work more efficiently and improve their communication. The positive feedback and numerous interested conversations confirmed our commitment and motivated us to continue developing innovative solutions.

We were available at all times to answer questions from trade fair visitors and to offer individual language solutions for their specific requirements. The discussions were both professionally and personally enriching, and we were able to establish valuable contacts with potential customers and business partners.

Overall, the two days at the AFCEA Trade Exhibition were a great success for us. We were able to strengthen our presence, make new contacts and position our company as a leading provider of AI speech solutions. We are proud of the positive feedback we received and are already looking forward to future events to continue showcasing our innovations and expanding our customer base.


Fara Sendjaja, Marketingmanagerin
KIDOU Sprach Tools