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Employers can improve the working environment through ergonomic adjustments, more flexible schedules and innovative technologies. Voice-controlled systems are now widespread and popular. They are being used more and more frequently as they offer a convenient and natural way of interacting with machines, devices and technology. Intuitive communication enables quick access to information without the need for physical input.

The continuous development of AI-based voice control enables precise communication and offers a wide range of applications in various industries.
In the meantime, company-specific voice control systems have also become increasingly important in industry, as they optimise work processes and make them more efficient. Despite loud noise and background noises, voice control systems understand and process what is being said precisely.

With the integration of voice-based software into the company’s software, machine control or the documentation of maintenance logs can be completed more quickly and accurately. Voice-activated interaction makes it possible to access information and give instructions in real time – no hands are needed, which is particularly beneficial in industrial environments.
This increases employee comfort, productivity and retention, which has a positive long-term impact on the working environment.

In an explanatory video on our YouTube channel, we explain the advantages of a voice-controlled inspection assistant.

We hope you enjoy watching it.


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