AFCEA Exhibition – the flagship event of AFCEA Bonn e.V.


A special role among the events of AFCEA Bonn e.V. plays the AFCEA trade exhibition, where the IT community of the Bundeswehr in the field of command support, intelligence and reconnaissance, GIS, IT security, simulation, training, logistics and SASPF meets annually in Bonn and increasingly also companies, organizations and officials from the field of internal/public security. At the AFCEA Trade Exhibition 2019, 165 exhibitors showed their products on more than 2900 sqm at the still new exhibition venue MARITIM Hotel Bonn (after 30 years in the Stadthalle bad Godesberg). Exhibitors can be found from small businesses to representatives of large corporations, from IT consulting firms to providers of IT training, from hardware suppliers for the “mud zone” to suppliers of very specialized software applications.

This year’s AFCEA Trade Exhibition will be held at the World Conference Center Bonn on May 11 and 12, 2022. The AFCEA Trade Exhibition 2022 will take up the annual theme of AFCEA Bonn 2022 in the accompanying symposium:

(Artificial) Intelligence & Innovations: Opportunities for people and technology


And best of all: WE ARE THERE!

As a young startup with over 100 years of IT project experience, Artificial Intelligence is our core competence. We are very happy to be an exhibitor at the AFCEA trade fair and have packed a lot for you – with our “Use Cases”, in connection with customized AI solutions, which can be adapted to individual requirements, we convince more (research) partners as well as customers every day.

At the AFCEA exhibition we will be available for a personal consultation.


At our booth R54 on the ‘Rheinebene’, you will be welcomed by

one of our co-founders: Michael Eder;

our sales manager: Georg Miller;

as well as our marketing manager: Fara Schneider.


For our visitors the entrance is free of charge.

With a pre-registration at, you can secure yourselves a free entrance to the specialized exhibition.


We are looking forward to welcoming you personally at our booth and to two beautiful days together in Bonn.

Fara Sendjaja, Marketing Manager

Haid-und-Neu-Straße 7
76131 Karlsruhe
+49 721 781 503 02

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