With KIDOU you can control business processes easily and conveniently by voice. Our deep neural network models can be flexibly adapted to your needs.

Kidou – The intelligent Voice Assistant

KIDOU is the intelligent language assistant for customers and employees. By combining the latest machine learning methods, Kidou’s speech recognition is extremely precise and capable of learning. Our deep neural network models can be flexibly adapted to your needs. The voice interface is available for you as on-prem, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution.

Digitize and automate your processes with speech.


From customer service to the back office and field service – everything is possible. KIDOU supports as a digital assistant, relieves your employees in their daily business and solves specific tasks independently. Both your customers and your employees will be delighted with the natural user experience and intelligent services.


Transcribe audio files in real time.


By integrating KIDOU on your website, phone or in your app, you can use it everywhere. Whether at your desk, in your car or on the construction site – with KIDOU  you can transcribe audio data (e.g. podcasts, meetings) in seconds. A connection to your CRM / ERP system makes it possible to call up and feed in product or customer information in real time.

Retain your data sovereignty.



Protect yourself and your customers! With our voice solutions you retain full control of your data sovereignty and protect your intellectual property (IP). You can establish DSGVO conformity and meet compliance requirements.

“Kidou combines the latest voice technologies such as Speech-to-Text, Intent Recognition, Slot Filling and Sentiment Analysis “

KIDOU combines the latest technologies such as Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech as well as Intent recognition. Optimized with artificial intelligence, spoken language can be transcribed quickly and precisely into text form and vice versa. By means of Deep Neural Networks, KIDOU can easily determine the intention of the user (Intent Recognition) and make it more concrete by intelligent questioning.

A connection to the company’s own ecosystem, such as ERP and CRM, enables KIDOU to provide tailor-made answers to questions. All necessary information is retrieved and fed into the respective databases in real time.

If KIDOU is used as an interface to the customer, the language assistant can also analyse the mood of a customer (sentiment analysis) and respond to this in a targeted manner. For example, if a customer is angry, Kidou can calm him or her down and forward him or her directly to the right contact person. Sentiment analyses not only allow for targeted conversations and a high level of customer satisfaction, but also generate important data.

There are no limits to your ideas! In addition to the actual core service of speech comprehension, KIDOU can be expanded and adapted to new requirements at any time. Benefit from our additional, professional AI solutions, such as credit checks or predictions of future customer behaviour (e.g. willingness to buy).


Use groundbreaking language technologies for your business success – discover KIDOU!


On-prem, cloud-based, or rather hybrid?
We have tailor-made language assistants for your needs!

On the one hand, we develop ready-to-use, functional assistants for you. On the other hand, we also provide you with our intelligent speech components for your own system (e.g. text-to-speech, speech-to-text, intent recognition, sentiment analysis) and support you during integration. We have the right solution for everyone: By consistently relying on container technology, we offer our solutions in the cloud systems of the major providers (Google, AWS, Azure), in your private cloud, on your own servers (onPrem) or even on your edge devices or even as a hybrid solution – the choice is yours!

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What is special about KIDOU: On-prem capability, iterative model training, KENBUNS technical AI components

With the possibility to run our software on-prem on your own systems, you have an excellent solution to guarantee high data protection requirements, to have your data security in your own hands and thus to protect your Intellectual Property (IP).
You keep your data sovereignty! And that from start to finish.
Whether new languages, dialects, technical vocabulary, background noise – KIDOUs models can be flexibly adapted to your needs through further training. Thanks to interactive retraining, all improvements can be made continuously and are both time and cost effective.

Data ownership: With KIDOU you remain independent! With our software we follow a whitebox principle. If you wish, we can give you full access to all systems and trained models. If you wish, we can also train you so that you can further develop your language assistant yourself.

KIDOU should learn more features? Our experts from science and research will be happy to develop individual AI modules for you.


Transform your business with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Your advantages at a glance


  • More satisfied customers
  • Happier employees
  • Precise speech recognition through the latest technology
  • Savings of large and cost-intensive trainings, through iterative training
  • Relief of your employees by reducing monotonous standard tasks
  • Simple and convenient operation
    Real-time data retrieval and feed-in
  • Flexible adaptation of the models
  • Retain your own data sovereignty
  • Time saving

Help us to make KIDOU even better!

Based on Mozilla Common-Voice, with KIDOU Enhance we have created a platform for employees, customers, students and other interested parties who want to advance KENBUN’s current language technology.

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