How freelancers can prepare for AI projects

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As an IT freelancer, you have already felt the hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). The demand for intelligent systems is increasing. Why not using this development as your advantage? Prepare yourself for AI projects! – We at KENBUN IT AG will show you how.

First of all: As an IT freelancer, artificial intelligence will certainly not make you unemployed. Like other systems, machine learning ones must be integrated into an IT landscape. This still requires front-end and back-end systems. Unlike conventional systems, however, these have a strong focus on Big Data.

Modern machine learning systems are based on formulating and solving mathematical systems skilfully. To understand artificial intelligence, a feeling for and some experience with mathematics is therefore very helpful. At least you should have heard the term „tensor“ before and know what a „derivative“ is.

To get fit for an AI project, the numerous videos available on the net are a good starting point. Additionally platforms like Coursera or Udemy offer very good introductions. In order to get to know the state of the art, it is also useful to look at the “high-level” frameworks of the major platform providers, especially Google, Microsoft or IBM. Important for project work is to develop a feeling for how AI systems work and what AI currently (still) cannot do.

If you want to know more about the topic of artificial intelligence in IT freelancers, we recommend the exciting interview „Use Artificial Intelligence as an IT Freelancer“ by Michael Eder, one of the KENBUN co-founders and Michael Wowro from IT Freelancer Magazine.





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